Who we are

Founded in his Ohio-based garage in 1994, Swiss+Tech is the creation of mechanical engineer Larry K. Legg. While working at a mechanical accessory parts company, Legg saw a need for multi-purpose tools that were smaller and more compact than what was currently on the market. Leveraging his engineering background, he set out to make his own micro sized multi-tools. The end result? A collection of the most compact and useful multi-tools ever developed. Infused with American innovation and Swiss craftsmanship, Legg appropriately named his new line of micro sized multi-tools Swiss+Tech.

With their unique design and myriad of uses, Swiss+Tech tools became an overnight success and earned a number of patents. As time went by, Swiss+Tech became a renowned international brand.

Today, Swiss+Tech is proud to be a part of GreatStar U.S.A., Swiss+Tech and GreatStar are joining forces to take the Swiss+Tech brand and product offering to an entirely new level. So no matter what your next project or outdoor adventure has in store, Swiss+Tech tools, lights and knives will be there when you need them - to ensure things get done right.