How to choose a campsite
  1. When you choose a campsite, pay attention to avoiding places that are prone to geological disasters, specifically places with frequent occurrences of landslides and mudslides. Before camping, carefully observe the geology and landforms to avoid building camps under severely weathered hillsides, because such hillsides usually have more sand and rocks. If rocks roll down, the consequences will be disastrous. Mudslides also likely to occur in case the soil is soft and the vegetation is sparse. And don't build camps where mudslides are likely to pass.

  2. Be more careful when choosing a campsite during thunderstorm weather. Avoid building camp on the top of a mountain to protect yourself from lightning.Avoid building camps on valleys and river beaches in thunderstorm weather to protect yourself from flash floods since thunderstorms are most likely to cause flash floods.

  3. In sunny weather, the most ideal place to build a camp is wide river bank, stream side and mountain ridge, where the terrain is flat, the climate is warm and humid at night, and the wind is small on the one hand; on the other hand, it is close to the water source, convenient for drinking and cooking; another point is that the scenery is beautiful.