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BodyGard Elite 9-in-1
The BodyGard Elite 9-in-1 has all of the life-saving features of our most popular auto emergency tools PLUS a digital and speaking tire gauge! Also included is a tire tread depth measure to ensure your tires are as safe as they can be.

Portable Light Pods
The Portable Light Pod System offers remote controlled temporary light indoors or outdoors.

Modular Tool System
Customize your tool with interchangeable tool packs and flashlight housings in a variety of colors.

BodyGard® XL7
The sleek new BodyGard® XL7 packs a lot of power and appeal into a small, extremely lightweight tool that is simple to use.

Bodygard 7-in-1
The BodyGard 7-in-1 provides automobile security should an accident occur.

UtiliKey 6-in-1
One of our orginal items and still one of the most popular. Looks like a key, yet has so many functions. Take a look at how handy this item is to keep on your keyring or in your purse.

BodyGard 5-in-1
Swiss+Tech BodyGard 5-in-1 offers a way out when trapped in a vehicle. Small enough to be kept on your key ring! Great gift for any loved one. Keep them safe in an emergency!

Screwz-All 4-in-1
The solid stainless steel Screwz-All contains four compact screwdrivers on a spring clip. Small and lightweight, the Screwz-All can be used as a key ring, purse, pocket or drawer for quick and easy access. Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Smart Clip Ultra
The Smart Clip Ultra multi tool is made of polished stainless steel. It's lightweight micro design releases quickly from standard sized key rings. The Smart Clip Ultra has 8 different functions: nail clipper, knife, nail file, nail cleaner, scissors, LED flashlight, and key ring. Replaceable batteries and limited lifetime warranty.

Micro-Plus® EX 9-in-1
A constant companion that makes it easy to deal with life's mini crises! Everyday tools with anywhere convenience.

Utili-Key MX 5-in-1
The key-sized pocket companion with solid stainless steel tools and bright white light.

XDrive™ Micro Ratchet Tool 7-in-1
Swing-out bits rack doubles as a quick release mechanism for fast, convenient readiness. Five different bits with forward and reverse ratchet modes.

BodyGard® ESC 5-in-1
Break out side window glass in an instant; slash through inoperable seat belts without fear of getting cut; flash an emergency signal for help; set off a piercing audio alarm; then light the way with a bright white LED flashlight. These are all quick and easy to do in an emergency with this handy tool.

Transformer® 6-in-1
The Transformer 6-in-1 has 4 full sized screwdrivers that pop out of a compact, durable case that can be quickly detached from a key ring or belt loop.

Micro-Light Smartphone Stand
The Micro-Light Smartphone Stand with quick release key ring is ready to hold your electronic device so you can be hands-free! Listen to music, surf the web or video chat while you multi-task. Bright LED flashlight can be used anytime.

Micro-Light Touch Screen Cleaner
The Micro-Light Touch Screen Cleaner can attach to your key ring so it's with you wherever you go. Quickly clean smudges and dirt from all of your touchscreens. And, the bright LED flashlight is there to light your way!

BodyGard® Personal Alarm
Better safe than sorry! Take the Personal Alarm with you when out for a stroll, riding your bike or walking your dog. Can be worn around the neck with lanyard or clipped onto purse or waistband.

Micro-Max® 19-in-1
The Micro-Max 19-in-1 has so many uses, you won't know which one to use first! So handy and compact, yet durable and attractive.

Pet Light Set
The Pet Light Set contains two great LED lights: One for your pet's collar and one for your leash.
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